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"It's pornographic" and 
"You can't sell that here!"

Breast cancer and cancer organizations find  Breast Health product "controversial"

Guelph, ON Canada - December 5, 2001 The Breast of Canada calendar was designed with the specific intent to provide information and daily encouragement to women on the issue of breast health and breast cancer prevention. The calendar's distinctive and edgy style speaks to a targeted demographic of women who were not getting the message from the limited number of other breast health promotions that currently exist.

Focused on wellness and artistically bold, the calendar effectively and directly addresses breast health issues without using scare tactics. The message "early detection is the best defense against breast cancer" is front and center and is complimented by easy-to-follow instructions on how to do monthly breast self-examinations properly. The Breast of Canada project is awareness and action built into one universally understood, affordable product that opens the door to further discussion.

It is also a piece of art.

Breast of Canada speaks directly to the hip Canadian woman who wants to be proactive about her own health and wellness.

You would think the world of established breast cancer treatment and charity organizations would be standing up and applauding a product that focuses on "our best defense" and meets this issue head on.

Instead, many breast cancer treatment establishments and charities have refused to participate in the project. On more than one occasion, Sue Richards, the calendars' publisher, has been told; "You can't sell that here". Upon investigating existing retail opportunities at breast cancer awareness and fund raising functions, the message has been "The calendar is pornographic" and "Our patrons would not approve". One foundation stated, "We did not remove it from the cellophane. We are returning it immediately". Another major breast cancer foundation rejected the offer of 40% net profit from the calendar because they felt that the "Controversy would far outweigh the financial benefits."

A hospital administrator thought that the photo of the apple in March (nutrition month) looked too much like a penis. It's a Golden Delicious.

Simply put, breast cancer is a bold and aggressive disease that kills women. Seventy percent of women who get breast cancer have no known risk factors. Their only qualification for the disease is having breasts. Thousands of women loose their breasts every year and go through painful procedures only to have the disease return at a later date.

According to The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, EARLY DETECTION IS THE BEST DEFENSE. Women who own the calendar claim that, unlike other awareness raising products, Breast of Canada has motivated and inspired them to take action. They are making appointments with their doctors to discuss breast health. They are learning how to do monthly breast self-examinations properly. And in some cases, they are booking their first mammograms. In short, they are taking breast health into their own hands.

So the question remains - What is stopping breast cancer groups and foundations from stepping forward to embrace and promote this project?

Could it be that we still don't want to see pictures of real breasts?

How quaint.

And how deadly.

Anyone want to start a Breast Health Movement in our country?