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Minister of Health Appreciates Breast of Canada 2002.

For Immediate Release - October 15, 2001
From Guelph, ON

With the spotlight on Breast Cancer Awareness this month, it is equally important to draw attention to the message of early detection and preventative breast health practices. Breast of Canada 2002 does just that. And not just for a single month.

In the attached letter dated September 27, 2001, Allan Rock, Minister of Health writes - “Without a doubt, this beautiful calendar will encourage women to more closely examine their breasts. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the contributors for this much valued and innovative health project.”

Creator Sue Richards says, “There are over 15 million female breast owners in Canada and breast cancer is a risk for everyone of them. I believe by showing breasts in a normalized health context and providing easy to understand information, more women will be encouraged to take a proactive, triad approach to breast health. Breast of Canada 2002 could have a significant impact on the health of many women.”

Publisher Art Jam will donate forty percent of the net profits of Breast of Canada 2002 to Breast Cancer Support Services' Breast Self Examination Outreach and Education Program. Outreach coordinator Adrienne Winslow says, “Our focus of support and education is our best defense against this deadly disease.”

For more information:

Breast Cancer Support Services
800 465-1902

Sue Richards/Art Jam
519 767-0142

Melanie Gillis/Photographer
519 837-1196

Cover available for downloading: http://www.web.net/~lind