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“Breast of Canada™ 2002”

For Immediate Release - September 25, 2001

A Fine Art Breast Health Calendar that promotes Breast Health and Breast Cancer Awareness and Education

With Breast Cancer Awareness month well underway, comes a strikingly beautiful and highly informative breast health product: Breast of Canada 2002. This calendar delivers a powerful, positive perspective of breasts and breast health practices and features the breathtaking black-and-white fine art photography of Melanie Gillis. Included within the 28 pages are easy to follow, comprehensive Breast Self Examination (BSE) instructions, monthly BSE reminders, a breast health care and breast cancer resource guide, fascinating breast lore plus Canadian holidays and special occasions. We even feature a photo contest!

Sue Richards, producer of the Breast of Canada 2002 calendar,  feels strongly that encouraging women to focus on their own breast health is vitally important. "I'm 43 and so far healthy. I abruptly learned that I was doing my BSE wrong and I was shocked. Then scared. Then Angry. This inspired me to do some breast heath and breast cancer research. I discovered that a triad approach to breast health was highly recommended and that early detection of breast cancer is the key to survival." 

Breast of Canada 2002 is designed as an educational tool that encourages a proactive approach to breast health and the cultivation of positive body image. The calendar offers well researched breast health information presented in a positive, easy to understand style. Black-and-white fine art photographs detail the "everyday" woman's breasts in a health context. By presenting breasts from a health perspective, women will feel more comfortable and be able to add to their understanding of their own body.

Art Jam (the publishers of the calendar) will direct forty percentage of the net profits from Breast of Canada 2002 to Breast Cancer Support Services (BCSS) in Burlington. Richards says, “The minute I met Adrienne Winslow, Outreach and Education Coordinator of BCSS, I knew they would be an excellent group to donate proceeds to. Adrienne is passionately dedicated to educating women in proper BSE practice and firmly believes that early detection saves lives. I hit it off with the entire staff and I look forward to making a nice sized donation to BCSS.”

Breast of Canada 2002 will inspire conversation. Conversation will lead to greater understating and acceptance. This process of dialogue will lead to an increased profile of the importance of breast health practice, the cultivation of positive body image and the need for breast cancer research. 

Richards says, “There are over 15 million female breast owners in Canada and breast cancer is a risk for everyone of them. I believe by showing breasts in a normalized health context and providing easy to understand information, more women will be encouraged to take a triad approach to breast health and make friends with their bodies. Breast of Canada 2002 could have a significant impact on the lives of many women.”